Collection: Sight Words Teaching Cards

SnapWords® Teaching Cards are 643 multisensory, high frequency words that comprise over 90% of words found in children’s texts. SnapWords® combine learning sight words with learning their related phonics concepts. They were designed to honor the neurodiversity of children and make it possible for right-brained learners to learn to read in a way that is compatible with their natural wiring.

SnapWords® are Designed For Right-Brained Learners

SnapWords® are designed to reach the 65% of children who are visual/right-brained learners. Visual learners need to capture the whole word in visual memory before breaking the word apart into phonemes and graphemes (sounds & spellings). The body motion provides an essential link to memory for kinesthetic learners.

"Visual-Spatial Learners love novelty. Upon encountering something new—a new subject, a new experience, some unknown object—picture thinkers want to know right away what that thing is. They want to get to the heart of it, what it IS. Once that need is satisfied, they can sit back and learn about the details, all the bits and pieces that are part of the picture." Linda Silverman, PhD

SnapWords®, Explicit Phonics, and Decoding

As they learn sight words within the SnapWords® System, children learn explicit phonics, which empower them to decode new words containing the same spelling pattern. Lessons for every word teach word recognition, phonemic awareness, phonics, spelling, writing, and comprehension and are included in every set. SnapWords® Mini-Lessons also include sight word games. Click the link to download a sample of the lessons.

SnapWords® Teach to All Modalities, Visual, Kinesthetic, and Auditory

The ways in which people take in new information varies. 65% of children learn visually, think in pictures, and remember what is linked to a picture they saw or one they created in their own minds. Kinesthetic learners learn best through what they do, utilize body memory for storing information and for information retrieval. Only about 30% of children are auditory learners who do their best work in an environment in which they hear instruction, hear themselves speaking about their learning, and don’t really utilize body motions. But SnapWords® is inclusive of all three primary modalities. Here is an example of how it works.

SnapWords are multisensory sight words for neurodiverse students

Why do SnapWords® Work? 

Children just learning to read often get stuck trying to sound everything out, making reading tedious. Many right-brained learners also find learning phonics concepts impossible unless they can first read the words. It would make all the difference if they learned most of their words using pictures and body movement! The words are captured instantly and stored in visual memory. 

Learn more about how SnapWords® meet the needs of visual, kinesthetic, and other right-brain learners and lead them to success in reading by harnessing their learning strengths.

Purchase SnapWords® in individual Lists (below) or save by purchasing a Kit. There are 11 SnapWords® Lists containing 55 skill levels which support differentiated instruction.