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SnapWords® List A

SnapWords® List A

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Launch into Reading Success!

Embark on your reading journey with List A SnapWords® – a stellar collection of 59 high-frequency words that catapults you into the exciting realm of literacy. From the very start, List A propels you toward reading triumph, laying the foundation for a solid reading adventure. Dive in and let the reading magic unfold!

What’s Included

·         List A includes 59 smaller, high-frequency words covering concepts such as:

Final Y /Ī/, Final Silent E, /OW/ Sound, /UH/ Sound, Digraph TH, ERE /EAR/ Pattern, /OO/ Sound, Final Double LL, A vs. AN Before Words, CK Endings, Final S /Z/, & More

·         Download of corresponding SnapWords® Mini-Lessons and Sight Words in Sentences.

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