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SnapWords® Spanish List 1

SnapWords® Spanish List 1

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Immerse yourself in the vibrant world of SnapWords® Spanish List 1 - a bilingual treasure designed for native English speakers venturing into Spanish or for use in bilingual classrooms. This dynamic collection comprises high-frequency sight words, colors, numbers, essential nouns, and fundamental conjunctions. Crafted for early literacy, these words form a bridge for young learners to develop vital reading skills and build a robust vocabulary foundation. With a keen emphasis on basic sight word recognition, comprehension, and sentence construction, SnapWords® Spanish List 1 introduces foundational elements like nouns and conjunctions. Open the gateway to early language success with this engaging and effective resource, thoughtfully created to enrich the language journey of young minds.

What’s Included 

·         Spanish List 1 includes 62 high-frequency words covering:

11 Colors, Number Words 1-10, Common Nouns, and Basic Conjugations

·         Download of games from SnapWords® Mini-Lessons.

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