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SnapWords® 306 Student Kit

SnapWords® 306 Student Kit

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Embark on a vibrant learning adventure with the SnapWords® 306 Student Kit, a dynamic collection encompassing Lists A-Numbers and Colors. This comprehensive kit transforms learning into an engaging and colorful journey, introducing essential sight words that form the foundation of literacy. As students explore the interactive cards, they immerse themselves in the captivating realm of language, setting the stage for reading success. This student-friendly kit provides the perfect tools for independent, hands-on learning, making literacy an exciting and accessible endeavor for every learner. Dive into the colorful world of high-frequency words and watch as reading proficiency unfolds in a kaleidoscope of learning!

What’s Included 

·         The 306 SnapWords® Student Kit includes Lists A, B, C, D, E, and Numbers, Colors, Days, Months, & Seasons:

3    42 Pocket Chart cards featuring heavy lamination and hole-punched

·         6 metal book rings to secure cards

·         3 copies of Sight Words in Sentences

·         3 orange Toobaloo® phone devices

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