Right-Brained Multiplication & Division
Right-Brained Multiplication & Division
Child1st Math Sequence
Right-Brained Multiplication & Division
Right-Brained Multiplication & Division

Right-Brained Multiplication & Division

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Right-Brained Multiplication & Division is for students who are strongly visual, kinesthetic, and/or tactile; who learn all at once through pictures, are drawn to patterns, rely on body motions, and who need to understand the process behind each math problem they solve. Our approach will show students what multiplication & division means, will relate the two skills to each other, and will present the facts via stories and images to help provide hooks for learning and recall. 

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This resource includes full color images, color-coding within the instructional pages, clear directions for the teacher or parent, hands-on practice, skits to act out, and practice problems complete with answer key. 

The included downloadable Student Workbook provides you with all the student activity pages which appear in the book. The download may be printed as often as you like, saving you from having to photocopy the pages you need from inside the book. 


Why many students struggle with learning multiplication & division:

  1. Many children don’t learn new information by simply trying to memorize facts. They might remember briefly, but after a few days or hours, the facts they crammed into their brains are gone!
  2. For many children, learning times tables is tedious and there is little understanding of what they are doing.
  3. The sheer number of facts they have to learn seem insurmountable.
  4. When kids memorize facts, most of the time they don’t understand how to apply what they have learned in daily life.

 Images show the meaning of multiplication:

How Right-Brained Multiplication & Division addresses these difficulties:

  1. We include a tracking chart that shows exactly how many unique number combinations the student will need to learn. They can keep track for themselves and see their amazing progress.
  2. Every concept is story based and illustrated in order to help students understand what is going on and what the process looks like. This is where math comprehension comes into play!
  3. Shortcuts and simple tricks for memory are included.
  4. Visual memory plays a huge role in this approach to learning multiplication & division; it is a magical tool that is very under-utilized in traditional learning methods. Whenever we can harness visual memory, learning and retention are greatly increased.
  5. Hands-on activities are included which appeals to many kinesthetic and tactile learners. They learn quickly and effectively through touch and body movement combined with images. 
  6. All activities, worksheets, assessments, and answer keys are included. The book is ready to pick up and use.