Right-Brained Alphabet Parent Kit
The Story of F
Alphabet Tales Sample Page
Alphabet Tales Sample Page
Visual cues and sentence for remembering letter and sound.
Cues for writing, hand motions, and activity.

Right-Brained Alphabet Parent Kit

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The Right-Brained Alphabet Parent Kit is our response to the traditional way of teaching young children the alphabet.  With our colorful illustrations, engaging stories, and tactile activities, children will learn effortlessly while doing all the things they enjoy. While they are immersed in the stories, children will learn the letters and sounds without the need for memorization. They will love meeting the same characters throughout all three multisensory resources. 


This kit contains everything you need to successfully teach children to recognize letters, link letters to their sounds, write the letters, and do hand motions, which are critical cues for kinesthetic learners. 

This kit includes

Because knowledge of letters and their sounds is fundamental to reading, we want to make learning this material as kid-friendly as possible. These multisensory resources accomplish that goal! 

Alphabet Tales

Meet Abner from Alphabet TalesAlphabet Tales is filled with colorful illustrations, exciting and easy to understand language, and best of all... you get to meet the charming residents of Alphabury Wood and take part in their entertaining antics and adventures throughout the book. From "Amy’s Ants on an Anthill, Actually" to "Zip and Zap zig and zag," each letter is represented by a loveable character your child will never forget!

Learning is loads of fun with playmates like these! Join the lively cast of characters that make up our stylized alphabet as they teach your child the letters and their corresponding sounds. This book is perfect for family time, bedtime, or reading just for fun! 

Alphabet Teaching Cards

Alphabet Teaching Cards serve as quick visual cues for children who have already enjoyed the stories in Alphabet Tales. They are also handy resources for the teacher, containing quick reminders of teaching elements: hand-motions, tips for how to write letters, and tactile activities to follow up. No lesson planning needed!

Now that your students have learned the letters they need to practice writing them. That brings us to the final resource in the kit -Alphamats!


The front of the Alphamat contains all the letter images in alphabetical order which makes a handy reference for children.

The back of the Alphamat is made of dry erase material to provide endless practice in writing the letters. This reverse side shows upper and lowercase letters and provides lined spaces for the children to practice writing using a wipe-off writing tool.


For more detailed information, read our Right-Brained Alphabet Parent Kit blog.