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SnapWords® Nouns List 1

SnapWords® Nouns List 1

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Explore the World of Nouns!

Embark on an exploration of the world of nouns with SnapWords® Nouns List 1. This specialized list introduces essential nouns that add depth and specificity to your language skills. Dive into the realm of naming and labeling, enhancing your ability to express ideas with precision. Master Nouns List 1 and watch your vocabulary flourish!

What’s Included

·         Nouns List 1 includes 59 high-frequency nouns (plus 3 bonus cards), building on concepts from previous lists & covering additional concepts such as:

Final Double SS, IE /Ĕ/, OY Spelling, IR /ER/, OE /OO/, CE /SH/, EO /, IGN /Silent G, Ā/, EY /Ī/, ES /S/ Endings, & More

·         Download of corresponding SnapWords® Mini-Lessons and Sight Words in Sentences.

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