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SnapWords® List E

SnapWords® List E

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A Symphony of Reading Brilliance!

Dive into the symphony of reading brilliance with List E SnapWords®. This exquisite collection of high-frequency words adds depth and nuance to your expanding vocabulary. As you navigate through List E, you'll discover the harmonious interplay of words, fostering fluency and understanding. Immerse yourself in the beauty of language and witness your reading abilities flourish like never before!

What’s Included

·         List E includes 51 longer, more complex high-frequency words (plus 8 bonus cards), building on concepts from previous lists & covering additional concepts such as:

Compound Words, Consonants & ED or ING Endings, TCH (Digraph CH), G/J/, Syllable Identification, “AU” Sound, AUGH Family, CY Spellings, ful vs. full, LY Endings, WR /R/, EA /Ĕ/, SURE Endings, EAR /ER/, CC /S, K/, OUGH Family, Past Tense Endings, WH /W, H/, LE Endings, & More

·         Download of corresponding SnapWords® Mini-Lessons and Sight Words in Sentences.

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