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SnapWords® Complete Classroom Kit

SnapWords® Complete Classroom Kit

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Do you have students who are falling behind? Missing basic skills such as phonics or spelling? Are they struggling to learn sight words? Just working too hard at reading?

SnapWords® Complete Classroom Kit is our most comprehensive sight-words-to-reading collection. This kit was designed by a teacher for teachers and has a track record of bringing students to grade level and beyond.


Activities are easy to implement, require no training, and easily fit into your day. Step-by-step instructions and ready-to-use activities make planning time a cinch. Benefits for students include leveling the learning field for all, catching them up on missing skills, bypassing the need to memorize lists of words. Students will also gain the skills needed to decode new, unfamiliar words with confidence.

Grade Levels:

Grades 2 and up. Use the SnapWords® Classroom Kit for Grade 1.

Focus Skills:

  • Sight word acquisition
  • Reading fluency
  • Comprehension
  • Spelling and sound spellings
  • Phonics
  • Decoding advanced/unknown words

This Kit includes:

How does this kit make a teacher’s job easier? 

  • Fits easily into your day. Initial instruction takes only 20 minutes.
  • After introducing new concepts, students have resources to use for independent review.
  • Students will grow rapidly and become more independent.
  • Lessons and materials are ready to use and don’t require preparation.
  • Enjoy showing the growth in quantifiable ways to parents.

How do these products make learning easier for students?

  • Resources that are designed to engage their own learning style will bring success.
  • Pictures, images, and motions ensure success, increasing their confidence.
  • Learning will be viewed as fun. Students will be engaged.
  • Students will learn and will want to learn.
  • Self-led learning will build their sense of competence. 


Let your students practice what you are teaching them using their own kid-sized heavily-laminated Student Cards. The SnapWords® 607 Student Kit contains the same words as are in the 607 Teaching Kit, but they are hole-punched and ready to use in centers. The Student Kit also contains reading phones to help with focus and hearing. Finally, there are three copies of The Complete Sight Words in Sentences so partners can practice reading their words in context.


SnapWords® products are crucial for teaching sight word recognition to students with a wide range of learning styles, including visual learners, those labeled with ADD/ADHD, autism, or dyslexia, and right-brained learners.

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