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SnapWords® Mini-Lessons 1

SnapWords® Mini-Lessons 1

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SnapWords® Mini-Lessons will be your new go-to book as you teach SnapWords®! The mini-lessons go far beyond just teaching sight words. Children learn to visualize each word in their imagination which greatly aids in reading and spelling the words. Focus is on correct usage, on writing the word, on phonics concepts and word families each word belongs to. This book makes it very easy to introduce each SnapWord® without having to prepare for the lesson.

About this product

PART 1 contains a mini-lesson for each of our SnapWords® from Lists A-E. Each mini-lesson focuses

Each mini-lesson focuses on:

  • how to introduce each word including a visualization prompt
  • what to say to explain what is going on in the picture
  • focus word recognition
  • focus on comprehension
  • the structure of the word is examined along with several other words that contain the same spelling patterns
  • phonics concepts are taught
  • writing exercises using the word

PART 2 contains the games and activities that will make it easy for you to teach:

  • word recognition
  • word review
  • oral phrase and sentence building
  • tactile phrase and sentence building
  • reading and writing connection
  • structural analysis of words (sound spelling patterns)
  • phonemic awareness

In the very back of the book is a comprehensive list of all the words we have in our SnapWords® collections.  

By Sarah K Major. ISBN: 978-1-936981-56-4 175 pages 5.5" by 8.5"

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