Collection: Sight Words Pocket Chart Kits

SnapWords® Kits make teaching sight words easy and kid-friendly

SnapWords® Pocket Chart Kits are collections of SnapWords® and supplementary resources that help children become successful learning sight words. Once you introduce SnapWords® using a Teaching Kit, turn your students loose to review and practice in a small group or with a partner using SnapWords® sized for a child’s hands. 

The SnapWords® 306 Kit contains essential sight words including Dolch words – great for Kindergarten and 1st grade. If you have the 306 Kit and want the rest of the words, the SnapWords® 301 Kit will complete your collection. The SnapWords® 607 Kit provides you with all 643 SnapWords® in one kit.

The Complete Classroom Kit will provide an extensive sight words foundation and will prepare readers for reading and spelling larger, more advanced words.