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SnapWords® List C

SnapWords® List C

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Unleash Reading Mastery!

Continue your reading mastery with List C SnapWords®. This captivating set of high-frequency words propels you toward a deeper understanding of language. Each word in List C is a stepping stone to heightened reading proficiency, bringing you closer to fluency and comprehension. Embark on this transformative reading experience and watch your literacy skills flourish!

What’s Included

·         List C includes 59 high-frequency words, building on concepts from previous lists & covering additional concepts such as:

R-Controlled Spellings, Adding ING to Words Ending in E, OLD Family, ERE Pattern /AIR, ER, EAR/, NK Endings, Digraph CH, Contractions, NG Endings, A /AH/, AI Spellings /Ĕ, Ĭ, AIN/, & More

·         Download of corresponding SnapWords® Mini-Lessons and Sight Words in Sentences.

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