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SnapWords® List B

SnapWords® List B

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SnapWords® Teaching Cards List B picks up where List A left off. If you scan a child's book, you will see these B words appearing over and over again. What sets List B apart is the high-frequency words which are a bit larger, such as "away, from, gave, funny, many, must, show, & took." The List also includes TH and WH words that many children find laborious to learn, and some interesting sound spellings such as "ew", "ow", "ay." This group of words contain similarities in spelling, so it makes sense to teach them together!


SnapWords® comprise 75-90% of the words that appear in text your child reads.  If your child masters all 643 SnapWords® sight words, he/she will be able to read most anything! Try before you buy

What's Included

SnapWords® Teaching Cards includes free downloads of corresponding sections of SnapWords® Mini-Lessons and of Sight Words in Sentences. This offer is for online orders only.

List B includes 59 high-frequency words. Each card is 5.5" wide by 4.25" tall.

SnapWords® are available in two formats:

  • Physical refers to a hard copy we mail to you. 
  • Interactive Slideshows are digital slideshows with audio that that open in a browser window. They are not printable. Single user.
    ** Digital purchases are final. They may not be returned nor exchanged.


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SnapWords® contents Dolch, Fry, Fountas & Pinnell

Note: The Teaching Cards contain the same content as the Pocket Chart Cards. The only difference is size: Teaching Cards are 5.5" x 4.25" while Pocket Chart Cards are 4.25" x 2.75".

ISBN: 978-1-936981-12-0


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