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SnapWords App

SnapWords App

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*$9.99 Monthly Subscription*

­You're a brave knight on an epic journey to the castle! Your quest is to reach the castle by using your SnapWords® powers!  While making your way through the forest, by the field, and under the waterfall, you’ll be learning sight words. The more sight words you learn, the closer and closer you will get to your destination! Once you know all 643 sight words, you will be at the Castle! Completing quizzes will earn you coins that you can use to unlock special characters on your journey. Join kids around the globe and from all 50 states that love SnapWords®!

Bestselling SnapWords® are words in pictures with related body movements that make it a snap for children to learn their sight words! This medieval adventure will engage your child in learning 643 SnapWords® as they play through 55 levels. This game is perfect for all learners. Visual, kinesthetic learners and children with dyslexia, autism, ADHD, auditory processing disorder, down syndrome, and more will thrive when they have images and body movement incorporated in their learning. Equip your child for success!

Child1st Publications was born out of a belief in the immaculate design of children and a passion to work in harmony with that design as we support kids in their education. The result is that everything we create adheres to the high standard of reaching all types of learners successfully. We exist so that every child has the opportunity to learn in their own learning language.


No need for adult instruction; the app will do the teaching

· Offline functionality lets you take it on the go

· Images and audio will teach the words

· Independent, self-paced learning

· Ensures success and builds confidence

· 100% ad-free



· Includes 643 high frequency SnapWords®

· 11 Lists of words on 55 levels of difficulty

· 3 Users and a guest to track individual progress

· Includes 220 Dolch Words, 500 Fountas & Pinnell, 300 Fry instant words and some extra high-frequency words.

Why SnapWords®?

· Designed by an expert to reach all learning styles

· Research based

· For use at home and in school

· Multisensory design meets the needs of all learners

· Instant word recognition

· Increases comprehension

· Strong visuals that improve spelling

· Develop reading fluency

How to Use

· Download App, sign up for your subscription, and start on List A, levels 1-5

· Select level 1, scroll through the picture words, and click on the audio to hear the word

· Scroll through the plain words and click on the audio to hear the word and sentence

· Take a quiz for level 1 and earn coins

· Review any missed words and take the quiz again

· Spend coins on characters at the market

· Move to the next level or list of words until you reach the castle


This is what people say about SnapWords®

“Highly recommend. My 1st grader has been struggling with sight words and in just a couple weeks he knows 20, and as an added bonus he doesn’t hate practicing them!!” – Lindsey A., parent

“My students love working with SnapWords® (currently we are on List B) and are doing very well at reading them. They are able to retain the words from memory when other methods have failed. I highly recommend using these in the classroom.” -Valerie M., teacher

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