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Sound Spelling Display Cards
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Right-Brained Phonics & Spelling Kit

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Our spelling and phonics products take content that is symbol-heavy and transforms it into whole-brain resources that reach and engage all learners at one time, including visual, kinesthetic/tactile, and auditory learners. Instead of learning word spelling and phonics rules, children will enjoy learning through activities that utilize their powerful visual and body memory.

Each of these phonics & spelling tools is great on its own, but when they are used together, they deliver an extremely comprehensive program with little teacher preparation required.


The benefit to students of using this collection of resources is that while they are learning the building blocks of words,

  • children will also be gaining reading fluency,
  • will learn to decode words on sight,
  • will gain a large vocabulary,
  • and their comprehension will increase.

*Single letter sounds and W, V, P, B, D are not included, as Right-Brained Phonics & Spelling focuses on blends of two or more letters. For single letter sounds, please see our Alphabet Collection.

The first resource which drives the program is the Sound Spelling Display Cards.

Sound Spelling Display Cards

There are 35 full color 8.5 by 11 card to display in your student’s space. Each card focuses on one sound and provides a global view of all the ways to spell that sound. Information is conveyed to children in the form of right-brained hooks for learning and remembering.

  • There is a sentence at the top that is made of words that represent each way that sound is spelled
  • On the left is a list of all the ways the target sound is spelled
  • The colorful illustration is a visual of the sentence

How they work

All the ways to spell Long U

Let’s take a look at the sound spelling long U. Long U is in many words, however when your students look at the card, they will see that there are only 4 ways to spell that sound. Seeing a complete list of the different spellings will help students see the patterns of each sound spelling and give them the confidence that when they hear the sound, they will know that there are only a few possible ways to spell that sound.

Sound Spelling Teaching Cards

Sound Spelling Teaching Cards

After you display the Sound Spelling Display Card for long U, you will want to use our second resource: Sound Spelling Teaching Cards. The Sound Spelling Teaching Cards are your hands-on teaching resources. There is one card for each individual spelling. For example, for the sound long U there are 4 cards. Each card includes a colorful illustration and a sentence using more words with that spelling pattern.

Take a closer look

How to spell Long U

Let’s take a look at the long U card that is spelled EW.

The keyword is few followed by the sentence, “We only have a few new ones to chew.” Finally, there is a colorful image of a girl looking at the few candies they have.

One card containing the keyword, sentence, and a supporting image will help students to remember that sound spelling, and other words that share that sound spelling.

The book that ties it all together

The Illustrated Book of Sounds & Their Spelling Patterns

The third resource that completes the collection is The Illustrated Book of Sounds & Their Spelling Patterns. This book provides the students’ portion of each lesson. If you are teaching long U, for instance, you will print the lessons that provide practice for those spellings.  The lessons have sentences that group like words together to teach students to find the patterns through repetition.

Take a closer look

Lesson for Long U

The Illustrated Book of Sounds & Their Spelling Patterns empowers teachers and parents to provide differentiated instruction to every student regardless of their ability level because each sound spelling has lessons on different levels of difficulty. It is a research based approach with a track record of bringing struggling readers to grade level. 

This book will guide you through how to teach all the sound spellings in our language. The way the book is organized will make it easy for your students to focus in on specific sounds, where they appear in words, and how to spell them. Equipped with this knowledge, students will be able to decode larger and harder words. The words chosen for this book include all the Dolch high-frequency words and hundreds of other high-frequency words from other sources.

We have developed a way to teach word structure to kids that takes the mystery out of all the irregular spellings in the English language! Pick up each of these resources today and have the complete system for teaching Sounds and Their Spelling Patterns.

For more reading about this kit and for a user guide, check out this blog How to Teach Right-Brained Phonics and Spelling Successfully