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Transform alphabet learning into a delightful adventure with the Alphamat – an invaluable tool enriched with the lovable characters from Alphabet Tales. On one side, the Alphamat showcases all the letters in ABC order, providing a handy reference for children honing their letter and sound skills. On the reverse side, enjoy a versatile dry-erase surface with both uppercase and lowercase letters, accompanied by lined spaces, offering endless opportunities for practice and reinforcement. The Alphamat is an interactive journey through the alphabet, making learning fun and engaging for young minds.

 Alphamats are available in two formats:

  • Physical  physical mats, measuring 8.5” x 11”, with dry-erase finish on writing practice side
  • Download - printable PDF file of the mats

 How it works:

Alphamats offer a versatile and engaging way to facilitate multisensory alphabet practice, making learning both effective and fun for children.

  • Utilize the front of the Alphamat as a handy reference for all the letters arranged in ABC order. The loveable characters from Alphabet Tales adorn this side, making learning engaging and fun.
  • The reverse side of the Alphamat offers an interactive writing experience. The dry-erase surface presents both uppercase and lowercase letters, accompanied by lined spaces, providing a perfect canvas for practicing writing skills.
  • Incorporate Alphamats into various activities, from individual letter recognition to spelling words. Its versatility makes it an ideal tool for reinforcing letter shapes and improving writing proficiency.

By following these steps, Alphamats become a dynamic tool for fostering letter recognition, writing skills, and an overall enjoyable learning journey.

What’s Included 

·         Alphamats include visuals of all 26 letters of the alphabet and space for writing practice

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