The Science Behind Our Products

I. Research Basis

Our materials are based on research done by leading experts in the field, including Leslie Hart, Carla Hannaford, Eric Jensen, Renate N. Caine, and Geoffrey Caine. The purpose of this approach to teaching of reading and math is to provide a method consistent with how a child learns best so that every student has a chance of achieving success.

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II. Formal Research

This is research conducted by Sarah Major founder and CEO of Child1st Publications LLC. She was the recipient of The Outstanding Parent Satisfaction award and The Major Academic Program Improvement awards during her tenure as Title 1 program designer/director. Her numerous books and multisensory learning resources such as: SnapWords®, Easy-for-Me™ Reading, the Right-Brained Math Series, The Illustrated Book of Sounds & Their Spelling Patterns and more have earned a host of five-star reviews; and have helped to advance the education of children around the world. Ms. Major taught preschool through the 12th grade and holds a Master’s degree in Education and a Bachelor of Arts.

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III. Secondary Research

It's fascinating what impact our products can have in the classroom. We have collaborated with researchers to analyze the effectiveness of our products.

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IV. Child Centered Design

The design of Child1st teaching resources is strongly rooted in the Child. We believe in looking at the Child first (1st) when designing materials to use in teaching them. Please view the process of what Child1st CEO, Sarah Major,  follows when designing our resources. It was a meticulous and painstaking process that yielded amazing results.

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V. Underlying Philosophy

We believe that if a child is attracted to learning, learning will happen! If the task is boring and drab, results will be mixed. So what attracts the brain to learn? Patterns, color, hooks for learning, story, and all those right-brained teaching elements which are so underutilized in traditional classrooms!

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