With the academic demands being placed on Kindergarteners, it makes a lot of sense to lay a strong foundation for learning in preschool. At Child1st, we aren't very excited about pushing formal learning with very young children - after all, play is the work of children! But it makes a whole lot of sense to introduce some concepts using visuals and stories so that while the kids think they are playing, they are actually receiving great preparation for formal learning in school! 

Preschool Sounds & Letters

Alphabet Tales

Alphabet TalesThe best way to give your child a solid background before starting Kindergarten is to read stories about letters, what they look like, and what they sound like. You will be enjoying a story time with your child and powerful learning will be going on in the background!

Alphabet tales is filled with colorful illustrations, exciting and easy to understand language, and is perfect for family time, bedtime, or anytime reading!


Preschool Numbers to 10

I Can Sing from 1 to 10

I Can Sing from 1 to 10This charming book will teach numbers to 10 while the child sings and makes the numbers with his or her body! I Can Sing from 1 to 10 introduces young children to number symbols and counting in a way they can learn and remember.

Each full page, color illustration shows an image embedded in an image, provides details in the picture for the child to count, and numbers are introduced using lyrics that can be sung to the tune of Baa Baa Black Sheep!


Preschool Numbers to 20

I Can Count from 1 - 20 Poster

I Can Count from 1 - 20 PosterThis colorful poster is great for very young children learning their numbers for the first time or for children who are struggling to learn and recognize numbers. 

I Can Count from 1 - 20 is a poster of our stylized numbers arranged in rows of five numbers, which allows an important number pattern to emerge. Each number image includes some details to count, The little rhyme under each image helps children relate the image they see to the number symbol.


Preschool Words

SnapWords® List F

Children as young as 18 months can learn basic sight words as easily as reading them a picture book. We recommend List F & Nouns 1 to begin with.

You can let your child handle the cards and tell you what they say or you can display a handful at a time in a pocket chart or bulletin board in their room. Just show your child a card and talk with them about what you can see in the picture. Later, while displaying a handful of cards, ask your child, "Can you find 'morning'?" Or as you point to a word, ask them, "What does this say?"


Read Aloud Books Preschoolers Love

Eli's Books
Eli's Books Children's Readers
Eli’s Books Children’s Readers follow two-year-old Eli as he explores, learns, and grows with the help of his family and friends. Join Eli as he learns how to bait a hook while fishing, uses kitchen tools while baking cookies, discovers different parts of nature while hiking in the woods, and more.

This edition includes 11 24 page stories. Books are 5.5" x 5.5". All photographs are full color.

Eli’s Books Children’s Readers include 11 books and correspond with SnapWords® Levels A – C, but are wonderful to read to preschoolers.