Sound Spelling Display Cards
Sound Spelling Display Cards
Sound Spelling Display Cards

Sound Spelling Display Cards

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Is your child struggling with spelling or do they have trouble learning phonics rules? Are they confused about how words are constructed in our language? Sound Spelling Display Cards will help you teach the structure of words in a way that is kid-friendly for all children including visual and kinesthetic learners. This teaching resource provides a framework for understanding the words in our language, utilizing right-brained hooks for learning and remembering. 

About Sound Spelling Display Cards

This set includes 35, 8.5 x 11” full-color cards with each card representing one sound in the English language. All the sounds are taught except for those with no alternate spelling. (W, V, P, B, D are all sounds represented by only the letter itself or the letter doubled. Ex: The sound of B is only ever represented by B or BB.) Instead of teaching one WORD at a time, we have found that teaching one SOUND at a time is a very effective way to get children spelling and reading with success!

Sound Spelling Display Cards 

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Each card teaches one sound with all its spelling patterns and includes a colorful illustration and a sentence using words with all the spelling patterns. 

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How to spell long U

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We recommend that you display the sound you are working on at the time along with the Sound Spelling Teaching Cards that correspond to the sound. Here are the four ways to spell Long U that are referenced on the related Sound Spelling Display Card. While the Display Card is posted, you may teach one spelling at a time.

How to spell Long U

Sound Spelling Display Cards are the perfect accompaniment to The Illustrated Book of Sounds & Their Spelling Patterns. The lessons in this book are wonderful for replacing spelling lessons. The whole book is reproducible, so you can purchase one book and use it forever.

Teaching Long U Spellings