I Can Sing from 1 to 10
I Can Sing from 1 to 10 Number 6
I Can Sing from 1 to 10 Number 9
I Can Sing from 1 to 10
I Can Sing from 1 to 10

I Can Sing from 1 to 10

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I Can Sing from 1 to 10 is a charming way to introduce young children to numbers and counting in a way that links number symbols and names. Each full-page, color illustration shows a number embedded in an image and provides details for the child to count, so that from early on, children learn the "how many" of each number.

Numbers are introduced using lyrics that can be sung to the tune of "Baa Baa Black Sheep."

For young children, learning is best done naturally, through story, vivid pictures, music, and body movement. Just enjoy the book together and know you are laying a valuable foundation for numbers and number sense. 

Softcover. 24 pages. 8" x 10".





"Years ago I taught a dozen preschoolers who were all between 18 months and 5 years old. To help them learn to identify numbers, I created this song, along with some simple black and white illustrations. We sang and did the body motions on a daily basis, and happily, the 3- to 5-year olds learned number names very quickly. One day the toddlers (18 months old) played by the wall where the illustrations for this song were displayed, and they pointed to the them, chattering in their baby talk language. I began to ask each of them in turn if they could find numbers I called by name and was astonished to find that while they couldn’t say number names, they could point to the numbers I asked them to find. I love so much that the babies could effortlessly absorb something “schoolish” just from hearing the older children singing as they played nearby. Today, we're excited to share the same song with you, along with a colorful illustration and body motion for each number 1-10. This resource turns learning into a fun game for kids!"