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SnapWords® System Kit A

SnapWords® System Kit A

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Introducing the SnapWords® System Kit A - the ultimate kinesthetic teaching resource that combines explicit phonics with sight word recognition. This all-in-one kit is designed to teach your learner spelling, phonics, writing, and word comprehension. The bundle includes everything needed to bring success to your learner, including SnapWords® List A, Easy-for-Me™ Children’s Readers Set A, Beyond Sight Words Activities A, SnapWords® Mini-Lessons, and Sight Words in Sentences A. With over 230 pages of printable, ready-to-use reading activities and 22 leveled decodable children’s readers, this kit has it all! Don’t miss out on this opportunity to give your learner the tools they need to succeed!

This kit includes the following:

SnapWords® List A - Sight words in images make learning sight words effortless. Download SnapWords Sample.

Easy-for-Me™ Children’s Readers Set A – 22 leveled decodable children’s readers that reinforce skills and provide reading practice in real books. Parent notes and comprehension questions are included in every book. Regularly $39.95. Download Easy-For-me Sample

Beyond Sight Words Activities A – over 230 pages of printable, ready-to-use reading activities that will teach and reinforce all essential reading skills (word recognition, phonics, phonemic awareness, writing, spelling, critical thinking, and reading fluency). Regularly $19.95, now FREE download with this kit! Download BSWA Sample.

SnapWords® Mini-Lessons (Download) - Included is the List A Portion. Your go-to resource to teach visualization of sight words!

Sight Words in Sentences A (Download)Reading practice for sight words used in sentences to help your learner with comprehension skills. List A contains 40 sentences using only the sight words from List A.

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