SnapWords® List D Teaching Cards
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SnapWords® List D Teaching Cards
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SnapWords® List D

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Discover the Power of SnapWords® List D – an Exceptional Vocabulary Collection! Dive into an array of captivating words, including the 'igh' family (high, light, might, right) and the 'ould' family (could, should, would). Sprinkled within are intriguing odd sound spellings, like the unique 'laugh' with its short 'A' sound, and the mysterious 'once' that sounds like 'WUH.' The secret to decoding these puzzling spellings lies within the embedded SnapWords® images! Children effortlessly 'snap' a picture of each word, etching it into their visual memory for lasting retention. Elevate word mastery now!.


SnapWords® are available in two formats:

  • Physical refers to a hard copy we mail to you. 
  • Interactive Slideshows are digital slideshows with audio that that open in a browser window. They are not printable. Single user.
    ** Digital purchases are final. They may not be returned nor exchanged.

What's Included:

SnapWords® Teaching Cards includes free downloads of corresponding sections of SnapWords® Mini-Lessons and of Sight Words in Sentences. This offer is for online orders only.

SnapWords® comprise 75-90% of the words that appear in text your child reads. If your child masters all 643 SnapWords® sight words, he/she will be able to read most anything! 

List D includes: 55 high-frequency words. Each card is 5.5" wide by 4.25" tall.


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