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SnapWords® List B

SnapWords® List B

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Elevate Your Reading Adventure!

As you conquer List A, get ready to soar higher with List B SnapWords®! This dynamic set expands your high-frequency word mastery, propelling you further into the world of effortless reading. With 59 more words, List B is your next step toward becoming a reading champion. Let the adventure continue!

What’s Included

·         List B includes 59 high-frequency words, building on concepts from List A & covering additional concepts such as:

SK Endings, its vs. it’s, F /V/, Digraphs SH & WH, Final Y /Ē/, Double Consonants, AY & EY /Ā/, “OH” Sound, to vs. too, ING Endings, EA /Ē/, “EW” Sound, OR /ER/, R-Controlled Spellings, Syllables, & More

·         Download of corresponding SnapWords® Mini-Lessons and Sight Words in Sentences.


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