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SnapWords® 607 Student Kit

SnapWords® 607 Student Kit

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It is always a challenge to meet the needs of all the learners in your classroom. The solution is to work smarter, and we can help! Give your students their own tools to use on their own level and at their own pace. You will be freed up to teach small groups knowing that what you just taught will be reinforced and practiced independently. Use this Kit with SnapWords®  607 Teaching Cards. or with The SnapWords® Complete Classroom Kit.

The Student Kit Includes:  

  • 643 child-sized, heavily laminated SnapWords® cards (4.25" x 2.75") color-coded by level, and hole punched. Includes the entire collection of SnapWords®: Lists A, B, C, D, E, Numbers /Colors /Days /Months /Seasons, F, G, Nouns1, Nouns2, and Verbs
  • 11 metal book rings used to secure Levels of center cards.
  • 3 copies of The Complete Sight Words in Sentences for practicing reading sight words in context.
  • 3 Reading Phones enable children to hear their sounds and words while improving focus. 

  • How to Use the SnapWords® 607 Student Kit with your SnapWords® 607 Teaching Cards Kit:

    1. Pre-Assessment:

    At the beginning of each year, assess your students to determine their sight words knowledge. Organize them into groups roughly based on skill level. Then within the groups, assign each child a partner to work with.

    1. Prepare the Independent Center:

    Each List of SnapWords® has 5 levels of words. Separate each List into their levels according to the colored, numbered dot in the corner of each card. Put each level of words on a book ring and store in a bin in the center of the table. 

    1. Whole Class Instruction:

    Display one level of SnapWords® Teaching Cards in a pocket chart and introduce them to the whole class at one time. The primary purpose of this brief activity is to make sure every child knows what the picture side says. Plan to spend a up to a week on each level of SnapWords® if needed, but follow the pace of the children. Once you have turned each word over to the back and the students can still read them, it is time to move those words to your word wall and display a new Level.

    1. Teacher-led group:

    Do a deeper dive with each level of SnapWords® using SnapWords® Mini-Lessons as your lesson plan. In your teacher-led small group, you will teach words on the level of the group you are working with. Each of your groups might be on a different List of words.

    1. Independent Center:

    When a group leaves the teacher-led center, they will go to the Independent Center and find their ringed words which they will use, taking turns reading and listening. The reading phones are to be used by the student who is reading. This will identify which partner is talking, will help hold the reader’s attention, and will identify for the teacher who is reading and who is listening. When partners finish practicing a List of words, they will use Complete Sight Words in Sentences to practice reading their words in context.

    1. Assessment:

    Use our checklists (or your own) to assess each student’s knowledge and fluency and then move them on to the next List of SnapWords®. Apart from initial introduction and small group instruction, much of the movement in learning will be driven by pairs of students working together.


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