Underlying Philosophy

“Look at the Child first (Child1st) to understand how they learn”

  • We believe that if a child is attracted to learning, learning will happen! If the task is boring and drab, results will be mixed. So what attracts the brain to learn? Patterns, color, hooks for learning, story, and all those right-brained teaching elements which are so underutilized in traditional classrooms!
  • Memorization and drill is the least effective way for children to take in and remember knowledge.
  • Telling children what you want them to know is the least effective way to impart knowledge. Instead, attract them to the learning process through fun, humor, color, play, puzzles to solve, and novelty.
  • If we utilize the giftedness of the child, results will be remarkable; especially if we use their built-in mental camera, then snap! They have it!

We also believe...

  • A label doesn’t have to be a life sentence.
  • We can't call a child’s good "bad."
  • Every child deserves to learn.
  • The brain is designed to learn.
  • There are many ways to learn and remember.
  • Teach it once and reach all students.
  • It is better to teach to multiple modalities.
  • Movement is a learning style.
  • Visual learners learn quicker when given what they need.