Children with ADD are often singled out as behavior problems in the classroom. They are always on the move, bouncing from one thing to another, not completing tasks, unruly, disorganized, disruptive, uncooperative and easily frustrated.
On the other hand, children with ADD have areas of giftedness and brilliance and will succeed in learning when they are taught in a way that honors their internal wiring.

Children with ADD/ADHD & how they learn best

Children with ADD are brilliant visual learners. They learn more from images and visuals in a few seconds than their left-brained counterparts can learn in several minutes of listening to a lecture. They can grasp a whole picture in a glance and work their way to a solution quickly. Children with ADD are global thinkers and random processors. This means that following a prescribed step-by-step sequence runs counter to the way they think. They learn visually and instantly, so repetition and drill and memorization don’t help them. Once they are turned on to their amazing visual capacities, children with ADD can solve difficult problems in their heads, remember very large words – remembering how things look, not by what they heard about it in a lecture.