About Child1st Publications

We exist so that every child has an equal opportunity to learn in their own learning language!

Child1st was born out of a belief in the immaculate design of children and a passion to work in harmony with that design as we support kids in their education. The result is that everything we design and publish adheres to the high standard of reaching all types of learners successfully.

 Since its inception in 2006, Child1st has emerged as the leader in providing neurodiverse resources that parents and teachers can pick up and use. By their very design, Child1st resources meet the needs of children all across the Learning Spectrum. The resources themselves do the work.

The Child1st Difference
Rather than just answering, “What do we want to teach?” we answer the question, “How do we want to teach?” The Child1st difference lies in our focus.
Learn about the SnapWords System

The SnapWords System explicitly teaches essential reading skills within a comprehensive system that is neurodiverse in order to meet the needs of children across the Learning Spectrum. We started by identifying over 640 of the highest frequency words and leveled them by frequency of use and by difficulty of phonics concepts.

We created a corresponding, comprehensive list of phonics/sound spellings and leveled them by difficulty. As each Level of SnapWords is taught, SnapWords® Mini-Lessons teach word recognition, the related phonics concepts, spelling, writing, decoding unknown words, and comprehension. Student practice follows the same skill levels and provides practice with sight words, phonics/sound spelling concepts, phonemic awareness, fluency, writing, and comprehension. 

The Learning Style Spectrum

It is critical to understand the broad range of learners, their unique wiring, their strengths and their challenges in order to reach them successfully.

Child1st Child Centered Design

Our founder spent years nose to nose with children in their learning environments, testing strategy after strategy, resource after resource, refining and designing until what resulted was a collection of truly multisensory learning resources that successfully reach all types of learners.