Teaching Card Kits

SnapWords® Kits make teaching sight words and phonics convenient for teachers and parents.

SnapWords® Teaching Kits are collections of SnapWords® and supplementary resources that successfully teach sight words recognition and systematic, explicit phonics at the same time. Best of all, tedious lesson preparation is a thing of the past. SnapWords® are especially designed to respect the neurodiversity of children while systematically teaching essential reading skills.

The SnapWords® 306 Kit contains essential sight words including Dolch words – great for kindergarten and up. The SnapWords® 301 Kit will complete your collection if you already have a SnapWords® 306 Kit. 

The SnapWords® 607 Kit is a combination of the 306 Kit and the 301 Kit and contains 643 words.

SnapWords® Classroom Kit is designed to provide essential reading skills & to get young children reading fluently.

SnapWords® Complete Classroom Kit will provide an extensive sight words foundation, will facilitate reading those words in context, and adds explicit, systematic phonics instruction in every lesson that prepares students for reading more complex text.