Collection: Right-Brained Alphabet for Parents

How is our Alphabet different?

Our Alphabet has matched each letter with an image that directly mirrors the letter. The image is the shape of the letter so that the child can see the letter in the shape of the image. For example:

M is mountains: as you can see the mountains are the shape of an M and your child will be able to see the outline of the M in the mountains.



C is a cave: the cave entrance is the shape of a C. The clear visual connection is what allows your child to capture the shape of the C, and we know that visual learning is instant learning.

Other alphabets also use images, but their images don’t match the shapes of the letters. For example, some alphabets use CAT for C, bending the cat into the shape of a C. They might use Alligator for A, again, bending the animal into a circle.

Because knowledge of letters and their sounds is fundamental to reading, we want to make learning this material as kid-friendly as possible!