Collection: Learning Resources for Preschool

At Child1st, we believe that play is the work of young children. Play provides a setting in which children can “practice life” and in which children practice communicating their thoughts through language. These skills are foundational for life as a whole. Very young children absorb and interpret their world through stories, images, visuals, and through their senses.

When young children enter school, the setting is more formal as is the content of their lessons. Developmentally, they are not yet at the stage where they can comfortably utilize abstractions such as letters, words, and numbers. We can ease them into gaining a foundation for math and reading by using resources that are designed to match their natural processing. This collection of resources for preschoolers will feel like story time and play time, but valuable learning will be taking place!

The Preschool Collection focuses on:

  • Letters and sounds
  • Preschool sight words
  • Numbers and counting