Easy-for-Me™ Reading Kits

Beginners, Non-readers, Dyslexia, Autism & more

While also perfect for beginners, Easy-for-Me™ Reading makes reading possible for children who failed to learn to read in any other way. Easy-for-Me™ Reading Kits make learning to read possible for many types of learners because they provide a completely multisensory learning experience. This means that hooks for learning and triggers for remembering are purposefully included in the design of each step in the daily lessons so that learning happens all over the body. Reading skills are taught simply and directly with clear and easy instructions for the teacher or parent.

Why Easy-for-Me™ works when other resources don't

All symbols are embedded in pictures, hands-on activities reinforce all concepts, practice with visualization strengthens the visual learner, and stories that teach concepts - all work together to enable right brain dominant, visual learners, dyslexic children, developmentally delayed and other struggling learners launch into reading.

Download and print this pre-test before starting

Download and print our quick and simple Placement Test. Give this test to your child to find out which kit is best suited for his/her needs!