Who We Are And What We Believe

Who We Are

Child1st Publications was created by Sarah Major, who developed SnapWords from her home while teaching children in 2006. What happened was remarkable, children who previously struggled in the classroom were learning to read with ease. As word spread about SnapWords, the company continued to grow, reaching customers in every state in the USA, and in over one hundred countries in the world!

Our products are backed by research and our company's sole intention is to provide products that forward the literacy movement. When a child learns to read, it inspires them to dream big and empowers them to chase their dreams. Child1st is proud to be a growing force in the literacy movement, where each child is valued and encouraged to be their best!

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Child1st supports teachers and parents by providing resources designed to pick up and use, bypassing the need for training or for writing multiple lessons to accommodate all the learning differences in their classroom. The resources themselves do the work of engaging and teaching.


What We Believe

Our mission is to empower children to learn from a position of strength, with an approach that works in harmony with their unique wiring. Our goal specifically is to reach the children who are struggling or failing, because their natural strengths do not match their learning environment. We believe that the best way to teach reading is Whatever Works for the Child.

We accomplish this goal by focusing on the child first so we can work in harmony with their wiring. We create resources that include elements children of varying gifts need in order to learn with ease.

Let’s join together in inspiring our children to Love Learning!


Check Out The SnapWords® That Started It All!

SnapWords System Kit AAre you seeking a multisensory approach to help your student or child excel at reading? Our new SnapWords® System Kits contain five different ready to use resources that teach sight word recognition along with phonics and comprehension! The kits are leveled by difficulty with each level building upon the previous one.

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