Summer Learning Enrichment with Science Vocabulary

We often put special emphasis on teaching reading and math. After all, these are foundational subjects which further learning is built upon. There is another foundational skill however, that often goes neglected because its applicable use is not as seemingly practical for early childhood development. That skill is science!


Why is science important?

Teaching science, the study of the natural world using the scientific method, helps children in many facets. Learning how to objectively analyze situations and draw conclusions, understand the world around them, and communicate better. Additionally, teaching basic science concepts lays down the groundwork for advanced scientific study, and STEM careers! But hey, let's take things one step at a time. For now let's look at making science fun!

Science helps children with:

  • Critical thinking
  • Understanding of natural surroundings
  • Increase confidence
  • Facilitate creativity


Summer is perfect for science

As we covered in our blog Summer Learning Loss: Everyday Learning Opportunities, it is crucial that we try to maintain children's learning in an engaging way, so they don't slip behind in school. But how do we do this without being overbearing?

People tend to spend lot's of time outside when it's warmer. Being outdoors creates perfect situations for fun learning! You can go on hikes through forests, fields, or even walk through a zoo.

Use this time to analyze all the things! Have your child pick anything and ask lots of questions: "What is that?", "Where did it come from?", or "How does it live?"

Some science concepts are more abstract, however, which can be challenging to observe out in nature. Concepts such as the water cycle, heredity, or the food chain are difficult to observe while you are on a walk in a park. Without a visual link, these can be difficult to understand. This is especially true for right-brained learners, who excel when they have a visual link to any given idea.


SnapWords Science Vocabulary

Our SnapWords Science Vocabulary cards are the perfect aid for teaching science terms and laying down the groundwork for more complex learning. These cards cover the subjects of earth, physical, and life science.

Each card is colorfully illustrated to convey the word's meaning in the picture. This helps strengthen the word's meaning in a child's visual memory. Additionally, the back of the cards each have the plain word as well as a definition.

Pick up your SnapWords® Science Cards today and enjoy the learning journey!

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