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SnapWords® System Kit D

SnapWords® System Kit D

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Elevate Your Reading Prowess with SnapWords® System Kit D! Immerse yourself in the curated collection of high-frequency words in Lists D and G SnapWords®. These words are your keys to unlocking profound reading experiences, enriching your vocabulary and comprehension. Prepare to elevate your reading skills and embark on an empowering adventure into language mastery! Kit D also includes Easy-for-Me™ Children's Readers Set D, providing an advanced exploration of sound spellings and word endings, including PH, OUGH, GH, PT, BT, GN, KN, RH, WR, LE, AL, EL, IL, and more. Let Kit D be your guide on the path to reading excellence!

What’s Included 

·         SnapWords® Lists D & G

·         Easy-for-Me™ Children’s Readers Set D

·         Download of corresponding SnapWords® Mini-Lessons, Sight Words in Sentences, and Beyond Sight Words Activities D & G

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