Right Brained Addition & Subtraction Vol. 2
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Right-Brained Addition & Subtraction Volume 2 Book & Games
Right Brained Addition & Subtraction Vol. 2

Right-Brained Addition & Subtraction Vol. 2

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Right Brained Addition & Subtraction Vol. 2 is an effective way to teach addition & subtraction for numbers larger than 10 - no matter how much children have struggled to remember math facts before. Right Brained Addition & Subtraction Vol. 2 strategically builds on Right-Brained Addition & Subtraction and all computation done in this book is based on the facts to ten, which the children already know! 

About this product

Very young students will easily master the concept of place value because this approach shows children the meaning of place value as they use manipulatives, act out the action in place value, and hear stories that explain what is happening. The need to memorize facts, count on fingers, carry, borrow are all things of the past. Color, story problems, action, patterning and fun math games - all these elements turn place value from dreaded to doable!

In addition to the physical book, you will receive a free downloadable student workbook for print at home!

Over 150 pages of reproducible resources (including answer keys and math worksheets) make lesson preparation easy for the teacher.  

224 pages.