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I Can Count from 1 to 20 Poster

I Can Count from 1 to 20 Poster

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I Can Count from 1-20 Poster is an essential addition to any early learning environment! This colorful poster features stylized numbers arranged in rows of five, facilitating pattern recognition and numerical understanding. Each number is accompanied by delightful illustrations and catchy rhymes, making counting an exciting journey for young learners. With detailed visuals and engaging rhymes, children develop a strong foundation in numeracy while exploring the world of numbers. Perfect for classrooms, playrooms, and homeschooling settings, this poster sparks curiosity and encourages active participation in mathematical learning. Whether counting objects, learning to tell time, or practicing basic arithmetic, this poster serves as a valuable resource for fostering mathematical skills and confidence in young children.

I Can Count from 1-20 Poster is available in two formats:

  • Physical – physical poster, measuring 36” x 36”
  • Download – printable PDF file of the poster

How it Works

Displaying I Can Count from 1 - 20 provides young children with passive learning opportunities, as it becomes an integral part of their environment, fostering learning without formal instruction.

Paired with the I Can Count from 1-20 Teaching Cards, it facilitates pattern discovery and aids in formal teaching moments.

The poster's arrangement of numbers in rows of five offers versatility, supporting various mathematical concepts such as basic computation, multiplication, and division.

This layout also correlates with time-telling and money counting, while the grouping of five corresponds to a child's fingers, creating a tangible connection.

Introducing two rows of five emphasizes the significance of ten as an anchor number, enhancing understanding of place value and our base ten number system.

By gradually introducing and reinforcing foundational concepts, the poster ensures a seamless transition to more specialized mathematical understanding.

What’s Included 

·         I Can Count from 1-20 Poster includes:

Colorful illustrations of numbers embedded in an image and lyrics for numbers 1-20, arranged in rows of 5 to facilitate pattern discovery

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