Easy-for-Me™ Teaching Kit 1
Alphabet Tales & Teaching Cards
Teach sight words the multisensory way
Easy-for-Me Reading Teaching Manual 1
Easy-for-Me Children's Readers Set A

Easy-for-Me™ Teaching Kit 1

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With the Easy-for-Me™ Teaching Kit 1, you will successfully teach a child to read even if they have had no previous background at all. In this day of interrupted teaching time, the need for a kid-friendly, teacher-ready resource has never been greater. This resource will start at the beginning and teach every child in a multi-sensory, right-brained way so that no skills are untaught and no gaps are left. Easy-for-Me is the answer! Lessons are simple, specific, and will teach the needed skills while leaving out the busy work! Scope & sequence

How and where to use

Download and print our quick and simple Placement Test. Give this test to your child to find out which kit is best suited for their needs!

Use Easy-for-Me™ Teaching Kits for Kindergarten groups or at home

The Easy-for-Me™ reading program draws from specific approaches used by picture thinkers, right-brained, kinesthetic, visual, and other nontraditional learners. Easy-for-Me™ is perfect for beginners, and if used as outlined, will prevent learning difficulties for children who would otherwise struggle in learning to read. The goal of Easy-for-Me is to teach essential reading skills in a way that is compatible with the young child’s own developmental stage. We use body motions, images, hands-on activities, stories, and other brain-friendly strategies rather than memorization and drill. 

Use Easy-for-Me Teaching Kits in Special Education

The Easy-for-Me™ approach to teaching reading is also very effective for children who have not been able to learn to read using traditional methods. This program has a track record of bringing even older, non-readers to success. Easy-for-Me works because all skills are specifically taught, and because a multi-sensory, right-brained approach is effective when traditional ones fall short.

We speak with great enthusiasm of the effectiveness of Easy-for-Me™ because over the years we have heard from parents of children as old as 11, who struggled with severe dyslexia and who had been unable to learn letters and sounds. The Easy-for-Me™ reading program helped these children to successfully overcome these challenges, becoming proficient in reading and writing!  

What is included?

• Easy-for-Me™ Teaching Manual
• Download of student activities 
Alphabet Tales
Alphabet Teaching Cards
SnapWords® List A Teaching Cards
SnapWords® Numbers, Colors, Days, Months, Seasons
Easy-for-Me™ Children's Readers Set A 
How to Teach SnapWords®

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Easy-for-Me Teaching Manual