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Complete Sight Words in Sentences

Complete Sight Words in Sentences

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Complete Sight Words in Sentences provides practice for SnapWords® Lists A-G, Nouns 1 & 2, and Verbs in 400 sentences, color-coded by level. 607 high-frequency words are included: 220 Dolch, 300 Fry, 500 Fountas & Pinnell, and more.

As children acquire a sight word vocabulary, they need to learn how to use sight words in a sentence to practice. Because each section is color-coded to match the signature color for each List of SnapWords®, the book is easy for children to use as they review alone or with a partner. They just go to the section in the book that matches the color of words they are working on.

How To Use:

Use for sight word assessment or fluency practice after student has mastered each list of words using our complete set of 607 stylized sight word cards. Also aids in comprehension and correct usage of words in context. This book is versatile and could become one of your most valuable tools. The book is also ideal to use as writing prompts for further writing using the sight words. Another “done-for-you” resource!

Perfect-bound. 5.5" x 8.5" 106 pages. 400 Sentences. 

A Note from the Author:

"When I was in the classroom I wanted sentences that were packed full of sight words so my kiddos could practice reading their sight words inside real text. I couldn't find any resource like that - instead, I made some little sentence strips that I laminated and put on a loose leaf book ring. These sentence strips were in a basket in our sight words independent center. Children could choose the strips that corresponded with the pack of SnapWords® they happened to be working on. First they went through them alone, and then they worked with a partner taking turns reading the sentences. Once they announced that they could read the sentence strips, I would assess the child myself. The wonderful thing about this book is that it is not only a practice tool, but it also makes for an easy way to assess the child's knowledge of sight words - can he really read the words inside sentences? The pages are color coded to match the signature colors of each SnapWords® List of words. ENJOY!"

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