100's Chart Color-Coded
100's Chart Color-Coded
Child1st Math Sequence

100's Chart Color-Coded Poster

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Everyone needs a 100’s chart in their classroom, right? Well, this one is pretty special because we have color-coded the numbers to make pattern discovery super easy and fun. The colors of the numbers match the colors in our math games to lend continuity to those children who rely on color for remembering numbers.

About this product

Our 100’s chart is arrayed in rows of 5 in order to correlate to our Right-Brained Math products. We array the numbers in rows of 5 to facilitate counting money, telling time, and for important pattern seeking that leads to well developed number sense for our students.

Each colorful poster is 3’ x 4’ and comes with a helpful resource that will help you guide and engage your students in lively pattern-seeking activities. They will just need to bring their “noticers” and leave their “memorizers” behind!

The 100’s Chart Color-Coded is actually a poster with two charts side-by-side. The one on the left is color-coded in the 1’s place, while the chart on the right is color-coded for the 10’s place. This poster is a perfect follow up to I Can Count from 1 – 20 and correlates to both Right-Brained Addition & Subtraction books.