"SnapWords are so fantastic! My daughter has been struggling with sight words for so long and these just clicked for her. She loves playing with them and writing sentences and acting out the action to go with the word. I've seen a huge improvement on her recall." -Teachers Pay Teachers Customer

"Yes!! Thank you so much!! I call your SnapWords nothing less than a miracle. I recommend them to everyone I know, in every group I belong to!! I can not even explain the immediate difference in word recognition. Within 1 week my daughter can go from not knowing the word, to reading it without pictures. I have all of your products now. Just started adding in the Easy For Me (set 3) Books. And just ordered the Math. I'm praying the math will be just as beneficial!!! Can't wait to try it out next week!! You are truly a blessing to those few of us with visual learners!!" - Heather Handley Klauber

"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! My youngest son is developmentally delayed and recently diagnosed with mild Cortical Vision Impairment. He has repeated kindergarten and was promoted to first grade due to age. He turned 8 this past September. He is in the life skills program because the regular classroom curriculum is too difficult. Life skills isn't the right fit either but it's all that is available.

In the spring of this year, his kindergarten special education teacher used a small sample (about 20 words) of your reading cards with him. Finally, he could read! When he moved from the kindergarten campus to the primary campus this fall, he did not have access to SnapWords. 

I got the 307 word set for Christmas. In one week, he has added about 15 words he can read to the 20 he already knew. 
We are so excited at his progress and he is very proud of himself. Thank you for creating these products! I will be back for more!" - 
Leslie Morgan

"My 5-year-old has trouble retaining informationI needed to try something new, I'm not a teacher and I would try just about anything I could find on the internet to try to help her with her letters/sight words. 

Another kindergarten teacher told me about Snapwords. I googled them and immediately became excited! .... then I saw the price. I wasn't sure I could spend that much money. My daughter came to sit in my lap while I was looking at the company and her face lit up and said, "I know what that says, 'Wash.'" 

She was right! The sight word in the screen was Wash. I almost cried!

I just ordered a set of flash cards from Amazon. I can not wait to start using these at home! Thank you!" - Amanda Perez-Ramirez

"Love!!! I'm a Kindergarten teacher and these cards are terrific for my struggling readers and English Learners. The picture cue really helps students attach meaning to the sight word and improves recall and long-term retention. Struggling students are able to learn words twice as fast by using the scaffolded side (picture side) first and then moving to the plain side. I was so pleased that I purchased sets A, B, and C. These three sets include most of the 100 words that my students have to learn by the end of Kindergarten. Highly recommend!" - Kinder_Teacher, Amazon

Right-Brained Multiplication & Division Book

"MARVELOUS!!!!! We just started using this book last week, and we have had wonderful success so far! My 2nd and 3rd graders actually look forward to math now...which is totally amazing because they have always "hated" math! This is definitely money well spent...especially for kids who are right-brained and/or don't enjoy memorizing math facts! :D"

"Seriously wish I had ordered this years ago. Well worth every penny! Used it as a refresher for my 7th grader, and to help my 4th grader who was having trouble remembering facts for longer than a week. She now understands multiplication, and since division is taught at the same time she no longer cries at the thought of it!"

"This is an excellent product. My son has just started learning multiplication and I worked through the sample with him. He loved it and what is more, he GOT IT! I am so looking forward to continuing with this product."

"The use of visuals and body motion makes this a great tool for my learners who need more than 'lecture'. I am also using it with an adult friend who is trying to get the GED. Thank you for this resource."

Right-Brained Addition & Subtraction Book

"Good teaching aids for visual learners are hard to find, yet this workbook definitely fits the bill. Your child will remember each number by a variety of methods -- recognizing patterns, touch points, kinesthetic with shapes, games, stories, visually imprinting, and finally symbolic. These methods then translate into addition and subtraction, in a very unique way by building houses, streets, and neighborhoods. My second grade visual gestalt learner was struggling with the concepts of math, and this book was an eye opener for him. Memorizing tables and following procedures works for most kids, but when you have a struggling child who just doesn't seem to get it, I would try this book. I also highly recommend the following workbook, Right-Brained Multiplication & Division." [Amazon review]

"I felt like I had come up against a stone wall with my daughter in math. She just wasn't getting it. She is very very smart, so I knew it was not a learning disability! I got this book and it opened my eyes to different ways of learning. I wished that I would have been taught this way as a child. I struggled all through school. I hated math! My daughter loves this way of learning. She is flowering with it. Thank you so much for writing this book. This book is not a series of lessons, but rather teaches you (the teacher) how to teach a right brained student. It teaches you how they think and learn. It also provides you with everything you will need to do. Not text book style. You will have to get used to something more creative. Don't worry, it gives you many ideas. It's so easy you will wonder why you didn't think of yourself!!!" [Amazon review]

"This is very worth the money. It is well written, well planned out, and the author is very credible... her experience and success shows. I have a very special son who is high functioning on the Autism spectrum [ Aspbergers]. He is a right brain learner and is brilliant in vocabulary and reading skills as well as with comprehending math concepts. I never had to teach him phonics or his alphabet, they came seemingly effortlessly to him. But since kindergarten, we have been trying to teach him his math facts to no avail. They just don't stick through rote memory methods. I have been applying the strategies in this book this summer with excellent results. I hope this encourages other parents." [Amazon Review]


"I can't say enough good things!

Sight words have been a huge hurdle for my otherwise developing little reader who has word retrieval issues. We'd tried other multisensory instruction methods (on top of so, so, so much practice) but before SnapWords there were no sight words that came automatically. (This includes "a" and "I")

SnapWords came recommended by a friend and we saw immediate results. We have only been using the product for a short time but we now have 20 sight words! I am over-the-moon with my son's progress and so thankful we found SnapWords!

Your SnapWords are AWESOME! I used them as a special education teacher and taught children with moderate to severe disabilities to read! It was so great!!

SnapWords are miracle workers. After 4 years of traditional phonics instruction...we were still sounding out 3 letter words, over and over again. But she memorizes each pack of cards in a week, and recalls them easily!!! I just can't recommend them highly enough!!!!" - Heather Handley Klauber

"We have just finished our 12th week of instruction (we had a 2 week break in October).

I have taught 50 sight words from the beyond sight words sets, starting with set #1. I believe the free set I got was #8, which I have not yet taught. I bought the others from teacherspayteachers.com. From the sets I have taught, I have seen amazing progress! (Unfortunately, not enough time to really dive into the word sorts and word building). I did assess my 4 students today with the plain text side of the 50 sight word cards. Their exceptionalities include autism, mild intellectual disability, developmental delay...and 3/4 are in speech therapy for receptive/expressive language disability. They are in grades 3, 5 & 6. All of these students are functioning 3-5 years behind grade level:

One student read 41/50 words

One student read 44/50 words

Two students read 45/50 words

Color me thrilled!!!

Using these words, they are have scored at least 80% accuracy in the following areas:

1. Independently reading/illustrating sight word sentences from beyond sight words sets

2. Answering WH questions using sentences written with the target sight words (either provided in the beyond sight word sets, or crafted by the teacher)

3. Finding sight words in plain text on pocket charts to use in completing writing prompts

4. Independently writing sight word sentences dictated from the beyond sight words set

Thank you so much for developing this amazing resource!!!" - Barbara Leaf, Dolores T. Aaron Academy, New Orleans, LA, SpEd teacher, grades 3, 5, 6

"The stack of SnapWords that my 8.5 year old has mastered. She can now read these and many, many more! Sadly, I won't need to buy any more of these cards because her reading has taken off (sad because such a great product that we had fun with). A year ago, she was literally sounding out "cat" after seeing it more times than I can count. The SnapWords were what helped reading click for her, enabling her to read whole words instead of getting stuck on letter sounds and blending. Thank you for such a great product!" - Elizabeth Langfahl

"I have a lot of limited English speaking children. This will be so helpful! Thank you!"

"I love the hand motions and sentences. Snap words are really helping my kindergarten kids with sight words. "

"Incredible! Awesome! great tool so far for my special needs children!"

"I love this! Best of all, the kids do too! What a help!"

"I am so grateful to have found this product. My son just started kindergarten and was bringing home his sight word flash cards as homework. He was really struggling, no matter how many times we went through them, he just couldn't get it. This was odd to me because memory work is easy for him and he easily memorizes picture books. These flash cards helped him to visualize the words and he easily remembered them. I also appreciated the quick response to my questions regarding a downloadable version. Thank you so much."

"Love snapwords for use with 1:1 or small group reading intervention!!! Would highly recommend!" 

"Absolutely love these for use with reading intervention groups! I downloaded the iPad game to go along with it too for extra practice!"

"Another wonderful resource - thank you! Snap Words have really supported my students' learning :)"

"These really work! My special needs students are learning to read."

"Love these!! Thank you so much! I used these with a student who was not learning with phonics, I tried these cards with her and now she is starting to read. These really work."

"I plan to buy all of these! They are the miracle solution for those who have trouble learning sight words." 

"I have several visual learners (middle school) who are STRUGGLING with spelling. We have tried phonics, sequential spelling, and endless repetition. I look forward to using these cards to help them PICTURE the spelling of the word correctly. I appreciate that the letters are still visible within the picture. In addition, the graphics are simple enough to be reproduced by the child in their notebooks as clues. THANK YOU!"

"I absolutely love your products. I'm new to home schooling and I'm faced with the frustration of teaching 2 struggling learners who hate to read and write. Sometimes they just don't get it, and I didn't know how to help them. Your products provide not only the best way for them to receive and retain the content, but they teach me how to reach them and why they struggle!!"

"I must say, I am impressed with this publisher. My son does not have learning disabilities but is a more visual learner and these help tremendously. I will look for more things in the future."

"As a result of the great success I am having with my kids with Child1st Publications products, I have been asked to do a small workshop. My three-year-old son has mastered over 200 of the snap words. He loves the little stories behind the words and often acts out the scene. My two-year son (turned two years in July) has mastered over 30 of the snap words." - Trinda

"Just wanted you to know I love your [sight word] cards. My kids who are at risk are doing much better remembering sight words and my autistic child is doing well. She knew 67% of our 40-word list!" - Melinda, K teacher 

"These sight words really help my K-3 students with learning disabilities identify the words. Thanks so much!" - Katherine

"Our daughter is in 2nd grade and struggled to learn site words due to be dyslexic. These are amazing! The school even asked what I am using at home:)" - Teachers Pay Teachers Buyer

"I love these!!!! I use them daily and I have noticed a huge difference in the retention of sight words with my students. They are also more motivated in learning them. Thank you!!! Well worth the money!!!!!" - Valerie S., Teachers Pay Teachers

"Thanks for taking the time to make this resource! I cannot wait to use it with my kinder kiddos.You rock!!" - Ellie Smith, Teachers Pay Teachers

"I love these Snap Words! These cards are great for kinesthetic learners. This approach has helped my Tier 3 students. Thank you!" - Suzanne M., Teachers Pay Teachers

"I wanted to take a moment to share my story. My 5-year-old daughter has motor skill delays, visual processing issues and was diagnosed with ADHD all during her kindergarten year. She struggled to learn everything and most of it didn't stick. Her teacher met with me at the end of the third grading period and said based on her most recent evaluation, it would probably be best to retain her. While reading and researching any way I could to help her I came across your website. I worked with my daughter constantly over spring break using SNAPWORDS. By the end of spring break, she not only knew the 25 words she was required to know for kindergarten but an additional 35!!!!

I then purchased your addition and subtraction workbook to see how much I could improve her math skills. Again, wonderful progress. Her teacher just completed 4th quarter midterm testing. She called me personally to tell me that my daughter has made such amazing progress, she feels confident passing her and allowing her to move forward to first grade!! I couldn't be more satisfied with your product and I'm telling everyone about it; family, friends, her occupational therapist, teacher, other parents, groups on Facebook...EVERYONE. I can't thank you enough! Thank you". -Danielle, Madelynn's mom

"Love these cards! I bought them for my son who is 7 and has dyslexia. He wasn't able to "get" the snap/fry words from the sheet of paper they were using in the classroom. As soon as these arrived, I started with the easiest stack. After the first time, though, I could tell he already knew some of the sentences and could tell he would say them in his mind to get the word out. He has a slight problem pulling the information from his brain and putting it into words. This has helped because he can say the sentence and yells out the word when he gets to it! Thank you so much for your products. I have gotten his school to purchase more sets from you so more children can benefit! Phenomenal!" 

"I just have to say how thrilled I am with the Snap Word cards! I just figured out my homeschooled 6-year-old daughter is a right-brained and visual learner. We have been using sight word flash cards for about a year with the curriculum we are using and she was just "not getting it". The words were not soaking in. We would drill the flashcards over and over and she'd memorize a few of them, but when I would show her the same words in the context of a reader, she would act like she had never seen the words. I was starting to get so frustrated and then I happened upon your website and saw the Snap Word cards. I ordered all of them and I just can't believe how quickly my daughter is now "getting it"! It's as if a light bulb has been turned on in her head! We are already! almost through the first set and usually I just have to show her the side with the drawing only once and she has it! I am AMAZED! And now, she is picking those words out in the books we read together. It's as if her mind takes a snapshot of the drawing side and then it's easy! Even later in the evening when we're reading books and she sees one of those words, she will actually say the little saying on the back of the card and I can tell she is visualizing the card and then the word appears in her mind. AMAZING! Thank you so much. I am so glad I discovered the Snap Words cards!" - Cindy

"Many students that I work with have multiple handicapping conditions including CP, Cognitive Delays, and language disabilities. Your materials work well with visual and multi-sensory learning needs." - K. Rotundo, MEd, Education Coordinator, Children's Hospital

"I am currently using this product with 2 special needs kids. Formerly we used traditional flashcards for their sight words, and learning was a real struggle. The kids hated practicing sight words. Now the kids love practicing sight words and they are picking up words at a rate of 10 per week. I am very pleased with the product, to say the least. The cards are colorful and the movements help the kids remember the words." -Amy C.

"Hi, I received my order [306 SnapWords® Teaching Cards] on Thursday, so I've only had two days to try it out. I ordered them to use with a boy who was having great difficulty learning even the first Dolch list. Results almost unbelievable!  He has already mastered the first set, even to the point of recognizing 95% of the "plain" words.  For some of the words, just one pass through the stylized word was enough. Now I have him teaching another child who is also rapidly learning words that he hasn't been able to read after a year of K and 2 months in 1st grade. Thanks for a clever, effective product." - 
Michael C., ESL teacher, MI

"I highly recommend this book! [
Writing the Visual, Kinesthetic, and Auditory Alphabet] I use this as part of our preschool and Kindergarten curriculum and my kids love it. Clear, concise illustrations and instructions are given for each letter and forming them with your hands is simple. I'm so glad I found this for my visual learners. Watching them write with plain old paper and pencil is pretty awesome. It seems like they are almost teaching themselves how to write!" - Amy C. 

"I was so excited to get the Illustrated Book of Sounds and Their Spelling Patterns! Your Snapwords cards have CHANGED my daughter's life. She could not read anything before we started with them, now she can recognize and spell most of set A on her own and is working through set B now. Thank you!!!!" - Jessica

"Just wanted to drop you a note to tell you I received the SnapWords® sets. Thanks for sending them so efficiently. Thanks also for the extra “sh” cards, they will certainly come in handy.  I know this all takes time so I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate it.  I particular like the new b/d card and will download it when I get back to school next week. What a great website!" - Sharon, Australia

"Hi!  Thanks so much for the speedy reply.  I have shown these cards to so many people.  My students have done very well on Lists A - C.  Each week I let them help me pick out 10 new cards for our stack.  They also try to add the number 10 to the previous number of words that they know and are so impressed with themselves. They know close to 200 sight words! They know the "sentence" that goes with the words and the motion."  - Laurie H., 1st-grade teacher, Georgia

"I purchased set A-E of the Stylized Sight Words this past summer to use in my first-grade classroom this year, and I have been amazed at the way my students have reacted to these words!  The children love the visual attraction and motor movements to each word.  I have recommended them so many times I've lost count!  The children's parents tell me the first thing the children want to do is show them their new words for the week.  Thank you for creating a product that my students enjoy using and a product that creates a fun learning experience for everyone, including their teacher!
By the way, I love the new website." - Teresa U., 1st grade teacher, SC

"Hi! Just wanted to let you know I was able to show off the SnapWords® cards during a faculty meeting today. My assistant principal said that she ordered several sets for our EIP teachers..several other teachers showed interest. Thanks for sending the new "friend" card to me. I continue to use these everyday and the kids love them. I have such low kids this year that I credit their progress with using these cards everyday.
Thanks so much and Happy Spring!" - Laurie H., 1st grade teacher

"I LOVE THE PRODUCTS I JUST RECEIVED FROM YOU!!! I opened them and put them to use the very next day. My kids love them! I have recommended you to all of my colleagues as well as to the members of my online Masters program! Thanks for such wonderful and affordable resources!" - Tiffany T., K/1st grade teacher

"I just wanted to say what a marvelous service you are offering.  I use the Sight Words and Alphabet here in Japan.  The Japanese kids as well as parents really enjoy them.  I shall be adding more cards to my teaching tools in the near future.  Thanks again for your help; your service is the most efficient I ever came across." - Peter, Shizuoka, Japan

"Just received your package today! I love the cards. They are adorable!! I can’t wait to take them with me to school tomorrow. My first graders will love them! Thanks for shipping my order so quickly!" - Carole, 1st Grade teacher

"I cannot say enough good things about this company's products! Well worth it! - Teachers Pay Teachers Buyer [I Can Count From 1 - 20 Teaching Cards Download]"

"We received the [Easy-for-Me™] books yesterday and already started using them. Thanks for a great product!" - Kym, homeschool parent

"I am the Literacy Resource Teachers at Sun 'N Lake Elementary, and I was conducting a book study on visual/spatial learners.  We were discussing how some of our students are struggling learning sight words.  I made the statement that if we could have visuals for the words our students would be able to remember them.  One of our Kindergarten Teachers was doing a search on the web for activities for her students and just happened to come across your website.  She called me and emailed me your site.  I became very excited about the samples and went to our PTO and ask for funds which they approved.

Next Tuesday, our book study will meet for our next discussion.  I can hardly wait to surprise my teachers with the sight word cards.  Thanks so much for such a wonderful tool." - Marsha

"I just wanted to say that we recently purchased your sight word cards for our son, who has Asperger's. He's doing so much better with them! I also forwarded your site to his teachers and they ended up purchasing a set for his school. Thanks so much!" - Rebecca

"I have shared your site with others - it is truly a wonder and I cannot wait to use everything with my first graders!" - Maine

"This innovative approach to reading instruction is refreshing. Embedding images in the printed word helps with retention. I highly recommend the new Easy-for-Me™ Books offered by the publisher. These readers contain the sight words from list A! Have fun teaching reading to your child!!" - Doreen W.

"One night I was searching online for different ways to teach sight words to kids who are visual learners. I was specifically looking for word cards that had visuals for easy sight words like "is, it, the," etc.I came across Child1st Publications and saw immediately what I was looking for. I only started using them a week ago and I can already see a big difference. I teach in a first-grade inclusion class and I started using them for all the kids and intensely with my visual learners. The kids love them; I even take them to the cafeteria when I have lunch duty. It's awesome to see the kids building their confidence in reading!" - Susan C., Bear, DE

"We purchased your set of sight word cards last year for our son who was having difficulties learning to read. They were fantastic, by the way! He is reading on grade level now and I know your cards were the key that unlocked the door for him. They were fun, colorful and a joy to work with. We have a younger son who is starting to read as well and want to use the cards with him, too. You have an excellent product." - Lisa S., VA

"Today I came upon your website and I have to tell you how amazed I am by it. I have looked at countless websites whose aim is to teach reading to children and I haven't seen anything out of the ordinary or anything that I couldn't do myself. But, yours is something special. You seem to truly understand children. I am a homeschooler with two children, one with severe autism. But I know that he can learn, he only needs the 'right' method. And when I looked at your products, I was astonished. It seems almost tailor made for my son. He is no doubt, a visual learner and would absolute benefit from your materials." - S. Moore

"My daughter (6yo) absolutely does not like using flashcards. Working on sight words really was a chore and I wasn't quite sure what to do. I could have made up sentence strips, but I could not have made them as well as these. Now, the sight words seem to just flow because the words aren't just words to learn. She sees them in complete sentences and enjoys reading them. I believe we will definitely see sight word success now. We will use the flashcards only occasionally to assist with learning specific words she may have trouble with but they will be used along with the sentence strips to keep my little learner motivated!" - Jo Anne 

"Our principal purchased sight words sets for every teacher in our school. I teach a 2nd/3rd grade Special Day Class - Severely Learning Handicapped. I love your stuff. Thanks for seeing things a different way." - Antioch, CA

"I just had to tell you how impressed I am with your materials. Someone recommended your SnapWord® Cards then I became interested in your Math books and the unusual approach to teaching number concepts..." - Wisconsin

"Yipee! I have just discovered your wonderful sight word/word wall resources... I am the mother of a five-year-old visual spatial learner..." - New Zealand

"Wow! I continue to be so impressed with your attention to your customers!" - Maine

"I just had to write really quickly to thank you for your fantastic customer service! Not only did you send me email updates, but they were sweet personalized emails. I plan on telling every mother I know about your company. I love the [sight word] cards...." - Teri, Armed Forces