The gifts of children with dyslexia & how they learn best

The best way to help a child with dyslexia is to help them understand their giftedness and to teach to their strengths. Children with dyslexia are brilliant visual thinkers and have the potential of imagining far more than they can put into words. Their primary means of learning are through visuals and tactile or kinesthetic activities.

  • They learn most easily through hands-on work
  • Demonstrations of how something is done (rather than explanations).
  • They learn by observing, and they love visual aids.
  • Children with dyslexia need to learn to read using a multi-sensory approach rich with visuals.
  • They will successfully learn math if they can see and understand what is happening instead of memorizing rules for solving problems.
  • They need manipulatives rather than relying on pencil and paper for doing math.
  • Memorization is not their friend, but they can learn instantly by snapping a mental picture of content that is embedded in images or other visuals such as charts, graphs, organizers, and more.