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DOWNLOADING, INSTALLING, OR USING CHILD1ST PRODUCTS CONSTITUTES AN AGREEMENT TO ABIDE AND BE BOUND BY EACH AND ALL OF THE TERMS OF THIS LICENSE. This Child1st product purchased by download, CD-ROM or online updates (“Original Product”), and all copies, reproductions and derivative works relating to or created from the Original Product (individually and collectively, “Child1st Products”) are copyrighted and protected works belonging to Sarah Major and published by Child1st Publications, LLC (individually and collectively, “Licensor”). All rights to the Child1st Products, other than the limited use rights granted in this Agreement, are specifically reserved and held to by Licensor. Child1st Products are protected by the laws of the United States, international laws, treaties and conventions, and other applicable laws. Use of Child1st Products is governed by the terms of this End User License Agreement (“License”). Child1st Products are sold and distributed for use by authorized end users (“Permitted Users”) according to the terms of the License only. Any person accessing or using Child1st Products is a “User” bound by this License. Non-permitted uses by Users who are not also Permitted Users constitutes an actionable breach and violation of this License. Unauthorized use, reproduction, copying, sharing, sale, transfer or distribution of Child1st Products is prohibited.

  1. Limited Use License. Child1st Products may be used by Permitted Users only. A “Permitted User” is (a) an individual who has purchased one or more Child1st Products. Licensor hereby grants each Permitted User a limited, non-exclusive license to download, save, install and utilize one copy plus an additional archival copy (“Archival Copy”) of the purchased Child1st Products for use by the Permitted User only. Users may not install Child1st Products on additional computers or electronic devices or make copies of Child1st Products for purposes of sharing them with additional users other than for private homeschooling study or use in a single classroom. Copies of the Child1st Product may not be provided to the parents of the Permitted User’s students.
  2. No Duplication or Resale. Users may make one (1) copy of each Child1st Product purchased for archival purposes only, in case the original file is lost or damaged. Aside from the Archival Copy, Users may not duplicate, copy, photocopy, reproduce, modify, translate, disassemble, distribute, derive or edit source code, or create derivative works based on Child1st Products, and may not remove any copyright or other notices placed on or in Child1st Products.
  3. No Sharing, Transfer or Resale. Users may not sell, rent, lease, license, loan, or transfer the Child1st Products, copies of the Child1st Products or use of the Child1st Products to any other person or entity except as expressly permitted by this License. Users may not use or exploit part or all of any Child1st Product for any commercial purpose or in any group educational setting outside the Permitted User’s home, homeschool, or single classroom setting without the advance written consent of Licensor. Users are prohibited from selling or reselling Child1st Products, including “used,” partially used or previously owned Child1st Products. Resale of Child1st Products without the advance written consent of Licensor constitutes a material breach of this License.