Strategies for Right-Brained Learners

How Child1st Meets the Challenge of RTI

When basic skills are missing, learning problems will only deepen with each passing year. When students struggle with reading, it makes learning anything else a serious challenge. It is far better to effectively address learning issues as soon as they appear. RTI came about in order to address this very problem.

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Beyond Memorization: How to Teach Math Concepts

Using hooks in teaching is incredibly important when teaching right-brain-dominant children. Another very important concept that makes learning more meaningful is to teach a concept in context and apply it to as many different scenarios as possible.

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Tools That Will Rocket Kids Into Reading

Here are two engaging, colorful, kinesthetic, and visual tools that have proven to work together beautifully to rocket kids into reading. The tools do the work for you of answering the learning needs of children and letting them experience success rather quickly.

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