8 Best Brain Foods for Kids

Research has shown that kids who eat a nutritious breakfast before school, have increased focus, creativity, and information retention. But it’s also important to keep the brain food going through lunch and dinner time as well, and you can make it exciting and expand your child’s culinary taste buds at the same time.

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How Self-Control Relates to Learning

A child does not come with emotional intelligence prepackaged inside her like a little seed just waiting for the appropriate time to begin to germinate and grow. Young children quite simply act out of their emotions. It falls to us as parents to model, and guide, and shape them into competent, confident people.

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How Emotions Impact Learning

All of us have worked with children who were disruptive and did not seem to be trying. What is hard to remember when we are in the middle of teaching these children is that there is most likely a well of negative experiences behind their unacceptable behavior.

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